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I haven't posted anything for about 2 months. It's kinda..pathetic? Yeah, I mean, it's finally summer, everyone have more free time, but just not me. I don't know what I doing, but i always busy, hahaha. Anyway, now i'm back (YAY!) with new layout, new header, new mood themes, new icons & new colorings. I have made REALLY BIG batch and have made my record! Almost 250 icons! Maybe it sounds awesome, but it's not. All my colorings are ugly & they don't apply with normal pictures. IT SUCKS. Srsly I'm not able to create pretty icons, lol. But i really enjoy my new css. Yup, that's right, it's nothing special and i like it! Haha, so i wanna thank to 
[info]nightingails. And if we're talking about thankful, I should say big thanks to [info]heimweh26  too, 'cuz she made my awesome mood themes with TVD. I think nobody knows, that I love TVD. And GLEE, and SKINS, aand SUPERNATURAL. All these tv show are so different and they have nothing the same, but I in love with all. Esp with Jensen Ackles, Mark Salling, Luke Pasqualino and Ian Somerhalder. Muahaha.
So how are ya? I'm good. Well, I'm normal, because weather isn't very hot and often rains. Hope it'll fix, 'cuz i'm going to Palanga (sea, beach and & etc.) next week. With one of my the best friends-
[info]lequa or [info]ink_name or nobody, loool. Usually then i meet with [info]ink_name, we're laughing almost all the time, but we met yesterday and we're talking about how life hard is and it's was so sweet, I have felt much better. My journal. I decided, that my graphics need credits. I know, i know, they sucks.. But please, be nice and credit me. It's not difficult at all (: One more thing, i'm thinking about a "friends only" journal. But I still can't decide, maybe you can give me an advise?
Graphics. I made the first wallpaper in my life. & second, & 3rd, & etc later.. So be honest and tell me: you like it or not. By the way, i learn how to make animations! I dreamt about that long time ago and BAM- finally my dream come true! And the last thing. About icons. I don't like this batch at all. Vanessa and Demi ones I have made per 2 days. Its kinda fast, lol. So them ones are pretty simple- no textures, no smth different, just coloring. Nina & Diana ones i made about month ago. I don't like them now. 'cuz my older psd aren't nice.
Ohh, I remember one mooore thing, haha, sorry. I post my icons in challenge (manda_still) the first time. And guess what.. I WON SECOND PLACE . It's was awesome! And the last thing. Ok, srsly now. I have 117 comments in previous entry. IT'S SO FREAKING AMAZING! THANK YOU ALL, BBS&DARLINGS. And after all the shit i said, graphics time! CHECK THEM OUT: 

[001-064] Vanessa Hugens (w/ Zac Efron)
[065-101] Demi Lovato (w/ Joe Jonas)
[102-130] Diana Vickers
[131-245] Nina Dobrev (w/ Ian Somerhalder)
[246-249] Leighton Meester

[1-5] Ashley Tisdale

Nina Dobev w/ Ian Somerhalder

for example:





♥ that's all. hope you like it. dont forget to leave a comment and credit me as [info]itswhisper.  if you don't know how to credit:

Tags: !animations, !icons, !wallpapers, ashley tisdale, demi lovato, diana vickers, ian somerhalder, joe jonas, leighton meester, nina dobrev, the vampire diaries, vanessa hudgens, zac efron
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the Diana Vickers and TVD ones are so cute ♥
such a pretty icons bb! esp Nina's ones, they're so adorible. Taking Leighton's, ty! ♥
i love love love all the zanessa & tvd. i'm more elena/stefan fan but ian is so handsome omg. i secretly ship damon/bonnie haha. super beautiful coloring! <3
Omg, i waited for your jobs like waaay too long. Haha ;D
They're super cute and those wallpapers are so rad! Tooks some Demi. ;)
And i'm not done yet. ;D Congrats on learning how to make animations, yay!♥
Okey and now its time to say bay bay ;D
What's that crap about your work sucking? You are so amazingly talented!
I'm so using the first wallpaper and saving lots of these (:
OMG, it's so amazing. I love yours colours. love it. I really took your wallpaper with A. Tisdale.
NINA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SO CUTE ♥
I HEART Nina ones, saved some, ty <333
beautiful coloring, taking lots of Demi :) &hearts
Your colorings and croppings are amazing! <3
These are wonderful! I saved the animation and some of the Nina icons! Will credit you when I use! xoxo
these are amazing. grabbed a few, thank you(:
Oū i guess you don't have to worry about the weather then you go to Palanga, 'couse i've read that it's going to be more sunny soon. Hope you enjoy you holidays there :)
well another thing, i guess credits is good thing, but i think you shouldn't make yuor LJ 'friend only'. I don't know why, just don't like it xDD
ok, nextttt thing;D i tryed to watch TVD, but only after one epsiode i started hate it and i just don't understand why peolpe like that show, but anwz i love skins too. But i hate Luke Pasqualino, Freddie and everything about him. Team ceffy;D
yay, congrats for winning secon place in challenge. That really amazing :)
Finally about graphics. It's adorable, you're really talented. I esp love #62 and #78 icons. Took them. Thanks
p.s. sprry for my bad english, hope you understood everythin;D
So pretty<3
Lovely :)
gorgeous stuff! Snagged some V & ZV!
The ones of Nina Dobrew and Leighton Meester, were my favorite ones.

i love Vanessa icons very much
Amazing icons! You have a nice style!
so sooo gorgeous <3
&hearts &hearts &hearts I saved tons of the Nina ones, they're beautiful and thank you so much for making!
Lovely batch!....snagged some Nessa and one of Nina...will credit!
These are gorgeous! Stealing a couple of the Demi icons. ;)
I love this entry!
Especially the Nina & VD icons
These are just soooooo awesome :)
wow, love the nina ones! totally taking!
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